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Ometria’s Secret Magento Innovation Recipe revealed

We are kicking off a new segment on the blog, where we get advice from top innovators who can share some of their tips that helped to put their head above the crowd and got them noticed. Last week, we announced Ometria, the smart data marketing platform, would be the first shortlist for the Magento innovation award.

From an innovation standpoint, I was interested in deep diving into how Ometria had managed to make innovation work so well, whilst avoiding the modern pitfalls and be able to help make so much more money for clients.

I spoke with their CEO and Founder, Ivan Mazour(@IvanMazour), a serial entrepreneur with some really great tips on innovation. Here goes!

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4 Lessons Learned from Innovating with Large Companies

Over the past few months I have worked hard on a massively innovative project with a very forward thinking large company; a couple of hardware vendors and supporting companies.  I have been excited, stressed, and most of all very excited with the result. Even though you may not hear about the project, since it’s under NDA,  here are some of the notes I took to share with the readers of the blog about how to innovate with large companies

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