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Workbench Overview

Work Bench OverviewWorkbench is a tool for developers, analytics pros, digital marketers  and other web workers who have to use a large number of different links for each project they are working on.

Links for different web environments, various tools, different reports can become a nightmare to manage and vastly increase the time to do basic repetitive tasks.

Workbench’s features

Workbench gives you an easy and visual way to keep groups your common links organised in a visual way.

  • Add links straight from your browser using drag and drop
  • Organise links together based on your web project
  • Give a label to each link to make it easy to find.
  • Send individual links or whole groups of links in one click straight to your browser.

Google Tag Manager Support

  • Add your debug console link to your workspace and debug with Tag Manager in one click.

Save time and work smarter on your web projects using Workbench!

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Quickly switch between projects


add links

Add I con from browser

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