Ipad Powered Coffee Machine

There isn’t really a reason why people need to have an Ipad controlled coffee machine, but lack of a reason, never stopped Twitter from being created. For this blog, I thought I would also talk about things that I thought might be a bit more quirky.. What it is If you have a techie or young audience, then why bother having something as archaic as a coffee machine.. or perish the the thought… buttons on a machine? Coffee Machine What it does This ipad controlled coffee machine by Scanomat allows visitors to select their perfect cup of coffee using an Ipad/ Iphone and the coffee is produced from a faucet attached to the coffee machine. Visitors can pick from images of their favourite drink and can even check other things such as the temperature of the water. Drawbacks Sadly the coffee machine doesn’t ( yet) dispense glasses so if you order a coffee you need to make sure that you have a cup under the faucet.  Therefore there isn’t much point to using the app, unless you don’t have an ipad attached to the coffee machine. Overall I was quite pleased with the coffee machine as it appealed to my inner gadget geek. Is it something that I would run out to buy? Probably not yet! ( unless it came with an alcoholic upgrade. ipad coffee machine Why bother with something simple…like buttons, when you can do so much more with a tablet attached… `and create digital buttons to push. Video Demo /p>