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Innovation: Automatic Google Analytics Developer Annotations

New year = time to innovate.  I am delighted to say that our Google Analytics(GA) implementation has just got a little bit  smarter this week.   One of my work buddies and I have  rolled out our innovation project so we can easily track the results of development releases in GA, automatically. We call this Google Analytics Development Annotations(GADA) and its the start of our journey to making GA more powerful, faster and more useful.

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Google Analytics Annotations: Power Guide

Google Analytics Annotations are one of the most awesome and powerful features in the analytics kit bag,  but the problem is that they are so often ignored. I personally love the features and power that come from them and it’s frustrating to see this crucial bit of Google Analytics so often skipped over.  I thought I would create a quick guide about Google Analytics Annotations and why they are the proverbial missing link between WHAT google analytics tells you is happening on a website, and WHY it is happening.

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Ometria’s Secret Magento Innovation Recipe revealed

We are kicking off a new segment on the blog, where we get advice from top innovators who can share some of their tips that helped to put their head above the crowd and got them noticed. Last week, we announced Ometria, the smart data marketing platform, would be the first shortlist for the Magento innovation award.

From an innovation standpoint, I was interested in deep diving into how Ometria had managed to make innovation work so well, whilst avoiding the modern pitfalls and be able to help make so much more money for clients.

I spoke with their CEO and Founder, Ivan Mazour(@IvanMazour), a serial entrepreneur with some really great tips on innovation. Here goes!

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Rebecca Minkoff creates the most futuristic and innovative retail experience yet!

I have discovered a wonderful secret when it comes to retail innovation.  I have found a treasure trove of innovation from a platform that I will be covering and sharing more about in my blog.  Of course,  in addition to the other regular cool innovations that I find ( or prototype).  Despite the fact that the companies on the platform are smaller than the top-tier commerce sites, their innovations are many and given the right spotlight, I am sure will teach the larger sites a thing or 2 or 3..  Here goes the first one.. and its mind blowingly good.

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