The best video summaries of the Apple Pay launch

Now that the dust has settled on Apple’s launch of its stellar payment service in the US of A. Here are the best video summaries of what it does and how to use it.

For our USA readers ( and gosh there are a lot of you-thanks!), you will be waking up to the beginning of the next payment revolution. Yes Apple Pay has launched in the USA with its sights firmly set on making those credit cards in your back pocket go the way of the cassette tape and become museum fodder.

I have scoured the internet and wadded through a tonne of really cheesy Apple fanboy’s videos to bring you my top 2.

How it works

For me Bloomberg really nailed it when they explained how the Apple Pay tech actually worked, including loading your credit card onto Apple’s Passbook app.

Apple Pay Choose your card screen

They also show key security features  like the omission of your name on your “digital credit card”  to reduce fraud.

Apple Pay Hiding Credit card details on screen

They then finished off showing the reporter making an actual purchase in a few seconds at the apple store. ( hopefully it was on expenses, as that shop can be pricey!)

Apple Pay being used in apple store by reporter

Here is the video

How to set up your phone for Apple Pay

CNET have got the ‘how to” videos down to a fine art. In this wonderfully produced demo, they run through the steps including:
How to find out if your device is compatible, and getting the latest version of IOS 8.1

Finding Apple Pay in passbook

Location of Passbook app on iphone launcher

Setting up Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay Screen on Iphone

Adding a credit card to Apple Pay  using image recognition

Adding a card to apple pay using Image recognttion

Here is the video:

After watching all these wonderful videos, I am anxiously waiting for the first Apple Pay stats to be announced. There are bound to be a few glitches when the new service is rolled out, but as far as I am concerned, Apple are onto another winner and can see this becoming the standard way to pay.

As for my credit cards, I can see them over the next few years being consigned to the memories box alongside my compact disks and my collection of BT phone cards, ready to be chuckled at in a few years, when we remember that we actually used to use plastic as a regular way to pay.

For more information check out the Apple Pay information page

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