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Personalizing the in-store experience ( infographic)

Here is some great guidance on how retailers can improve their conversion and experience in-store ( check out the bottom 2 lines)

Brands can benefit by offering in-store:

  1. Connected Marketing. Offering visitors relevant products based on what they have purchased before.
  2. Presence Awareness– Who is in the store and where are they going?
  3. Product Handling – What is the product they are handling?
  4. Personalised Recommendations- What can you offer that is just for them?

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IKEA- PC Based Digital Signage


ikea broken signIkea is the marmite of furniture stores.. people either love or loathe them. For me personally, I have moved from tolerating them to actually kind of enjoying the experience.. but thats the subject of another post.

On my last trip to IKEA in Wembley, North London I realised just how much IKEA have embraced technology to improve efficiency and market to customers.

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